07 February 2024

Four ways to pray as Pakistan holds general election

As Pakistan holds a controversial and potentially volatile general election, believers in the country are praying that it will usher in improved religious freedom.

Prayers in Jaranwala

Christians in Jaranwala gather to pray following the awful attacks on them last year

Amid controversy and rising tensions, Pakistan is holding a general election that Christians and other religious minorities are hoping will bring greater equality and safety. 

The country will head for the polls on Thursday (8 February) against the backdrop of increasing inflation, a struggling economy and fears over security. 

Pakistan has been in political turmoil since April 2022, when Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted following a vote of no confidence, and it's since been governed by an interim cabinet. 

The nation is number seven on the latest World Watch List, making it a place of extreme persecution for many Christians. This can include violence – like the devastating attack on the Christian community in Jaranwala last August– as well as abductions, false accusations through the notorious blasphemy laws, and institutionalised discrimination.  

How can I pray?

"We are tired of being considered untouchable" Christian in Pakistan

Open Doors partners with the HOPE (Helping Others Pray and Encourage) community in Pakistan, and they have shared with us four things that they are praying for as the election takes place. These are below, together with a prayer from one of their community. 

  1. We pray for safety of the population when they vote.
  2. We pray for leaders with integrity who put the needs of the population at the forefront of their decision making.
  3. We pray that those seeking greater prominence in the upcoming elections would recognise the value of harmony among the religious minorities, so as to create a society where equality and safety are celebrated.
  4. We pray that the future government will faithfully safeguard the rights of Christians and those of other minority faiths, and act in the cause of justice for those who have been unfairly marginalised because of faith choices.  

“Please bring to our nation leaders who serve, who think about people and value them, leaders who see the sufferings and injustice to Your people and see them as equal to the others, not lesser. We are tired of being considered, as our ancestors, untouchable. Give them hearts to feel, give them eyes to see and ears to listen. Give them wisdom and grow integrity in our land. Amen.”

Write to your MP

More than 100 MPs were represented at the parliamentary launch of the World Watch List. Thank you to all of you who invited your MP – it really does make a difference! We now want to make sure that every MP, especially those who could not attend, has a copy of the report. This will be even more crucial ahead of an election this year. Could you send your MP a copy?


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